Work Related Project Analysis Part 1

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Work-Related Project Analysis, Part I ANN moss BSA376 March 27, 2013 DAN ZEMAITIS Work-Related Project Analysis, Part I In this work related project analysis various information will be for gathering information. Some of the areas that will be covered are; methods of searching, interviewing techniques to gather the information, agreement for articulating requirements, and strategies to gather information for computerization. Requirements must…show more content…
Reports that the organization and existing computer programs may use. Some of the ways that information can be gathered is by interviewing levels of management and operational staff member. Discussion groups should also be interviewed to aid the analyst to collect information. It will take multiple interviews to gather all the information needed by the analyst. There are steps to be taken before an interview can be conducted. A list of people must be collected and put in order regarding what questions will be asked. Plan several interviews with the same person, only to eliminate any doubts. Interview the appropriate groups in the organization that will add vital information. Interview Technique Guidelines are created to ensure a success interview process. Setup meeting time with the individuals, which will be interviewed and be prepared and on time. When conducting the interview examine the background of the organization and have a checklist readily available. Be on time for the interview be sure to pay close attention to what the user is saying and what the company are looking for. Refrain form using computer and information technology jargon. Collect both qualitative and quantitative information from the user. Distinguish between what is a desirable and essential requirement. Repeat back to the user what is
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