Work-Related Report for a California-Based Non-Profit Organization: Research Questions

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Research Questions: What is the average donor amount per capita from various regions for a non-profit entity? How does the economy/time of year/external factors impact donations? Do donations increase after a rally? These questions are relevant to a recent work-related report I am creating for a California-based non-pofit. Variables include amount of money, average regional income, number of donors, and date of last rally. The central limit theorum states that the average of a distribution will be normal regardless of distribution unless the parent distribution is missing data. Simple random sampling is a form of sampling where the total sample group consists of N objects and the sample taken consists of n objects resulting in a predictable result. The sample mean of a random sampling would be within the resulting confines of the sample group. In a population of 20 people, there were 15 donars, but the average gift was well below the per-capita income. However, there were a minority of large donors that far exceeded the per-capita income causing the mean to be much higher than expected. A point estimate summarizes the results by a single number. A interval estimate summarizes the result by a list of numbers within which the most accurate permater can be found. For example, when taking the average height of women on a school campus, the population mean may be 65.5 inches with 95% accuracy. However, it can be considered more accurate to also list the population median of 65
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