Work Report, English Extension 2

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Year 12 English Extension 2
Work Report

“Children and fools speak the truth”

From the many different options of major works available in Extension 2, I chose to write a short story as the creative aspect of this option was appealing. The reality of this course was not exactly what I had initially expected, and the first two terms which were nearly purely investigative were challenging. I believe that if I had begun writing earlier, and implementing research only when necessary, I would have made more progress by now.

My intention was to write a series of 3 short stories, set in 3 different countries (Australia, Japan, and Spain/Cuba). The purpose of this was to convey the different ways people react to the same situation. In other
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I am also using the genre of magic realism which is rarely used in a contemporary context.

Due to the encouragement of my Extension 2 facilitator I initiated my Major Work through a long period of research, part of which forms a basis for the psychology and the reality behind the main characters reaction to death. The research has resulted in my capacity to determine what is possible, and what is probable. This is necessary considering I need to be careful as to what I convey as “real” and what is “unreal”, due to my genre of magic realism.

The research has included both the internet and books borrowed from my father, a psychologist, as well as conversations with my father about the theoretic and practical aspects of the grief cycle of my character. As well as this, recently someone close to my family passed away, so I have my own experience with grief to draw upon. In addition, someone else close to a family member is in danger of dying very soon, and the fear and denial that this has incorporated into the subconscious parts of everyday life have been apparent to me, revealing even more of the practical aspect of grief, the aspect which is outwardly conveyed to the grieving person’s peers. This side of grief is different to the internal conflicts and emotions which sometimes remain hidden even to those closest to the person.

I have also read novels by Nabokov, Allende

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