Work Space Biotechology

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• Work space biotechnology. • Identify and report workplace danger and risks • Make sure the hallway are clear of any barrier. • Keep updating OHS information • Updating emergency procedures • Conduct manual handling • How to prevent workplace illness or injuries Question 5 The following month, David receives another team report that identifies that while signs have been placed up around the office about effective manual handling procedures, one staff member has been off work for 2 days each week during the last month because of a bad back from lifting. What should David do? What kind of changes could David make to existing risk controls to ensure that manual handling injuries are eliminated or drastically reduced? What should David does? Conduct…show more content…
Why? Most important health and safety issue to address Why Staff absenteeism Highest rate in both March and…show more content…
• As specified in commonwealth and state or territory WHS Acts, regulations and codes of practice • There are 6 risks control Question 3 The Manager of the Sydney office finds out from a staff member that bullying may be contributed to the fairly high levels of stress leave and absenteeism? Why is bullying a health and safety issue? What should the Manager do? Why is bullying a health and safety issue: Workplace bullying is a big issue. It will create a lot of negative impact to the staffs and customers. The examples of workplace bullying can be sexual harassment, degrading someone, conducting the unethical behaviors and applying unprofessional conducts to the staffs and customers. The consequences caused by the workplace bullying can be as the following: • Stress, sleeping problem • Mental health issues such as bad depression • Increase quality of family and home life • Increased absenteeism and staff turnover • Affect working performance getting low What should the Manager do? • Provide the warning the staffs who are the bad behavior at
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