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MBA Co-op Work Term Report Template
Purpose: As one of the mandatory requirements of the MBA Co-op program, this report allows you to reflect on your past work term and provide information to other co-op students who are interested in working with your employer.
Deadline: End of your work term / during the first week of class when you are back to campus

Required: Must be reviewed and approved by your manager

CBCD will accept any of the following as ‘approval’:

• Manager signed Work Term Report section on the performance evaluation form

• Manager e-mails the completed report to

• You e-mail the report to and copy your manager on the e-mail sent

To submit: E-mail
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Provide 5 key lessons or skills that you developed or further enhanced during your work term, and briefly describe.

1. I learned how to utilize information from Factiva to understand the challenges facing my client’s industry and how to tailor audit procedures accordingly

2. I learned how to utilize Bloomberg to price various securities. Specifically, I learned how to use the historical price table to price securities at various dates and use this data as support for my audits.

3. I learned the importance of prioritizing my various tasks to ensure my audits would be done on time. This mainly involved placing an emphasis on testing more risky sections early in the event that there would be more follow up with the client later as these areas are more complicated.

4. I learned the importance of documentation and being detailed as possible when testing financial statements. This would allow the reviewer to understand the testing approach and also help future teams with their testing allowing for more efficient and effective audits.

5. I learned how to apply the CICA handbook to understand how and why certain tests are performed. In relation to #4 I also learned the importance of citing the handbook where relevant so that my managers understood my testing approach.

What skills do you feel are important to succeed in this role?

I strongly believe that

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