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April 15 2015 Moristot Law Clerk Dear, Matisse: Congratulations! You have been selected to work with Kochar Picasso LLP. We are pleased to make you the following offer. It is a condition of this offer that you execute the enclosed copy of the Employment Agreement. This must be completed and returned to Human Resources. This offer will expire April 30 2015. Please sign and return the enclosed copy of this letter to indicate your acceptance of this offer. We are confident that you will make a significant contribution to the success of our organization and look forward to working with you. Sincerely, Morisot Law Clerk The employment agreement made as of May 1, 2015 BETWEEN: KOCHAR PICASSO LLP. A corporation incorporated pursuant to the…show more content…
In the event of early termination, refer to section 18 in accordance with the provisions set out, or extended by mutual, written agreement. 5. Duties and nature of work • The scope of work and duties include checking and responding to voice mail and e-mails, retuning client telephone calls with 24 hours. o The Employee will be responsible for the transfer of client files to a mutually acceptance back up. o The transfer memo will be delivered on April 15, 2015 giving her an opportunity to review the contract and discuss any questions or concerns with Gorky. Matisse will be review Kochar Picasso LLP website to be informed of the policies and procedures of Kochar Picasso LLP. o Employee needs to comply with Rule 2.01(1) of the Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 3.01 of the Paralegal Rules of Conduct for the relationship of the client, duty to the client and competence. 6. Supervision • Employee agrees to supervise two law clerks and staff support staff will be available. Supervision include the following o Speaking to clients over the phone in a professional and ethic manner o Responding to voice mails and e-mails o Professionally handling clients files o Supervising the two law clerks and staff 7. Access to contracting firm/lawyer and notices • The Contract Matisse must contact Kochar Picasso LLP, Gorky in any of the following circumstance: • Upon receiving any pleadings or motions of
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