Essay about Work Within a Legal and Ethical Framework

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Work within a legal and ethical framework
Task A
Question 1
Why is important for a worker in the csi to follow their job description?
It is important for a worker in the community service industry to follow their job description as it is important that they give a professional standard of the service. It is also due to confidentiality. Community service workers have duty of care to their clients. Also it is important they follow their job description because different services may have different policy and procedures and guidelines that need to be followed accurately so that duty of care is upheld to each client.
Question 2
Define the term policy.
A policy is a course of action or guidelines to be followed.
Question 3
Define the
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Ask Julie if she would like to be referred to AA and counselling to help her with her alcohol abuse and the domestic violence she experienced whilst she was with bill 2. At the request of the client act as an advocate and or support for clients accessing referral services and other agencies
Call other services to see which services can help Julie with the support and assistance she and her family need. 3. Provide outreach services as required
Organize for Julie to call St Vincent de Paul and other organisations that deal with helping people with financial aid so she can get help wit food vouchers, rent, and power bills (etc.)
Question 4
As the worker identify and discuss 2 ethical dilemmas in this case study. 1. Heavy drinking: with evidence of heavy drinking it automatically puts the kids at risk of harm especially when Julie is intoxicated who is there to look after the children 2. Domestic violence: Julie has already left bill ounce for domestic violence and she is now planning to take bill back which puts the kids at risk of harm with the fighting and violence that bill brings into the home
Question 5
What principles would you need to be aware of when dealing with the ethical dilemmas in this case study? * Be very clear on the guidelines of your particular profession * Be familiar with and guided by all relevant standards which further define how legislation is applied.
I am a family
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