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HLTEN401A WORK IN THE NURSING PROFESSION. ASSESSMENT AND SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS. Q1. In the earliest forms of nursing, men were the carers of the sick and dying. The hospitals were founded by the military, and little equipment existed to enable the wounded to recover. Throughout the 16th to early 19th Centuries, nursing was carried out by both men and women, in overcrowded wards, training for nurses was non-existent, and many nurses were of bad character. By the middle of the 19th Century, the first training school for nurses was established in Germany by Theodor Fliedner. This training centre became famous for its nursing standards of both training and quality of care. Post 1853 Florence Nightingale during the Crimean War set…show more content…
Q5. The six principles of wellness include: Intellectual, Spiritual, Emotional, Social, Occupational, and Physical wellness. When all six are working well together “the individual experiences a higher level of functioning and there is an optimum balance between internal and external environments.” (Mosby’s Dictionary p.1837.) Spiritual wellbeing can be defined as “inner harmony that stems from a strong sense of satisfaction with self and with life.” (Funnell, Koutikidis & Lawrence 2009 p.125.) Intellectual wellness is keeping the mind active by learning new things, meeting new people, understanding different cultures.Occupational wellness is having job satisfaction and work that gives meaning to one’s sense of worth Social wellness is friendships and good relationships with neighbours and colleagues and kindness to strangers. Emotional wellness is developing self awareness and how you respond emotionally eg. I say I love you to someone, and they say I love you too. Q6. Basic nursing care is one of two styles of nursing care. It consists of “attending to the patient’s subjective and objective needs.” (HLTEN401A Work in the Nursing Profession Careers Australia College of Healthcare 2010 Working Document p.7.)A subjective need is the nurse’s own gut response and speculation about what might have happened occurs but we don’t actually see what happens. Eg. A patient is found on the floor bleeding from a head
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