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UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO Faculty of Mathematics PROFESSIONAL SKILLS: EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE PD 2: Critical Reflection and Report Writing Waterloo, Ontario Prepared by #42-80 Strathaven Dr. Mississauga, Ontario L5R 3V9 July 17, 2012 Mr. Tim Paci, PD2 Instructor Professional Development Program University of Waterloo 200 University Avenue West Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3G1 Dear Mr. Paci, This report, entitled “Professional Skills: Emotional Intelligence” was prepared as my 1B Work Report for PD2: Critical Reflection and Report Writing. This is my first work term report. The purpose of this report is to determine key emotional intelligence characteristics…show more content…
This report provides useful information about emotional intelligence that could solve this problem. My assessment was done online through Emotional Quotient Inventory. The study done by CIBC consisted of data collected over a six-month period and emotional intelligence scores done through Emotional Quotient Inventory. 2.0 My Emotional Intelligence Assessment By using Emotional Quotient Inventory, it helped me to identify my perceived frequency of emotionally intelligent behaviours in terms of fifteen established emotional intelligence skills. 2.1 Analysis Among the fifteen emotional intelligence skills, five of which have been identified as significant areas, including top three strengths and two areas offering the greatest opportunity for personal development. Figure 1. My Five Emotional Intelligence Areas of Interest My top three strengths are interpersonal relationship, emotional self-awareness, and happiness; and my two weaknesses are social responsibility and self-regard. The Interpersonal Relationship component is defined as the ability to develop and maintain mutually rewarding relationships that are characterized by intimacy and the exchange of affection (Multi-Health Systems Inc., 2012). I am generally able to establish mutually satisfying relationships through communication that includes a balance of listening, empathy, and sharing of

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