Worker B5-8-9-2 Reporting

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A siren resonated around the blinding white walls of the moulded plastic room. The deafening noise, like a brash crashing of cymbals, was followed by an impassive metallic voice. It roared through the sonic speakers. “Worker B3-8-2-4, you have received a promotion.” She straightened in her chair and looked fearfully across the desk at her co-worker. He was frozen, hands poised over the keyboard, transfixed by her shrieks as she was dragged away from the cubicle by enforcers. The door shut with a thud. The only sound now was a hum of electricity that emanated from the two monitors on the bare plastic desk. It filled the vacuum that had been left behind by yet another of the disappeared. The worker let the air trapped in his lungs escape in a sigh. He arched his lower back; crossed and uncrossed his legs, and reached for the pair of worn weathered headphones on top of the monitor. The response was instant. An impassive metallic voice directed the worker through his next task. ‘Worker B5-8-9-2, proceed to Section 231 of the Worker’s Manual.’ The automated system droned. ‘Delete “but” and replace with “and”. Thank you for your cooperation.’ At that moment the new replacement shuffled into the featureless cubicle and slumped down opposite him. He fitted his own headphones and began keying meaningless changes into the system. The new, clean-shaven recruit, garbed in the dark grey overalls of the company, appeared oblivious to the world around him. He lay hunched over the
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