Worker's Attitudes Towards Safety in the Construction Field Essays

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Worker's Attitudes Towards Safety in the Construction Field

Safety in the workplace is a rather large and very important topic. In these days of lawsuits, large insurance premiums, and malpractice, people are concerned about safety, if not for the humanitarian reasons, then for the monetary ones, the "bottom line." That's what it all comes down to, the 'mighty' dollar. In my research I attempted to address a side of safety in the workplace that I feel is often overlooked, namely, the worker's attitudes towards safety. I will concentrate on the workers who do not always follow the rules and guidelines that have been instituted for their own benefit.
The research for this paper involved personal experience, interviews, and
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When discussing fall protection, one of the workers expounded on his view of wearing a Harness, which is an OSHA rule when working near any fall of 8 ft or farther, where there is no barricade to prevent one from falling. He explained that the harness could actually do more harm than good, explaining that the harness limited mobility, and freedom of motion while working. Here is an obvious demonstration of misconception about a safety procedure. While a harness does limit motion to some extent, it restricts a person from falling, which could save a person's life. Time spent completing a task or task is a major concern on any project. Safety measures are often 'unseen' acts, especially on a construction site. No one notices the erection of scaffolding, but they see the brickwork that is left behind. Often the workers are striving for the praise of their superiors, which comes by accomplishing a job as quickly as possible. The time saved by not taking extra safety precautions, means more praise. Workers would many times build unsafe scaffolding, for example, putting themselves at risk to a fall because of the need to, "just get it done."
Specific interviews were done with two individuals both construction workers. The first was a laborer in his line of work for 9 years, to those unfamiliar with this line of work, a Laborer accomplishes most of the brunt work on a construction site. A Laborer's duties can entail cleaning,
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