Workers Should All Have Moral and Ethical Conduct

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Organizations or businesses bring different people together. It is very important therefore, that the people involved carry out themselves in the most decent ways. This ensures the success of the company, which leads to the achievement of company goals. Moral and ethical conduct is the most important component that a worker should have (Johnson, 2009). In a company that produces flowers, the profits have been tremendously reducing in the recent few months. This has cost the company so much due to the huge loss they have undergone. The business analysts have been invited on several instances to deduce why the company is performing dismally. When the analysts were performing their final tour, the head officer of the analysts’ crew realized something while he was having the final conversation with the manager of the flower producing company. The manager was evidently rude in most of his responses to the questions asked. When some of the workers were involved in providing some information to the officers, it was also very evident that they lacked the positive etiquette that business ethics requires. As a remedy to the situation, the analysts recommended an educational program regarding ethics in administration and in the normal operations of the company. Good organizational behavior requires that the workers have good speaking and listening skills (Johnson, 2012). This helps to foster good relationships with other workers and the management through due to proper
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