Workers Unions And Its Impact On Organizational Culture

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Due to the changes happening in workplace organizations in the United States during the twenty-first century, I believe workers’ unions would actually influence organizational culture by increasing employee pay and creating more job opportunities. They would also help with providing safer working conditions and providing more promotional opportunities as well as make it possible for employees to receive appropriate education to increase productivity. Workers unions could also negatively affect organizational culture mostly by influencing employees to take a stand against their employers to demand higher pay for less hours. They could also increase company spending to match the unions demands and more over it would greatly affect the employees dedication to the company. A union is an organized association of workers created in order to protect and fight for rights or resources for their members. Unions can be organized at a single workplace, across multiple workplaces of the same company or in the same industry. (Manza & NYU) Unions can play a role in creating and changing an organization’s culture, since they are in a position to provide the workforce with information designed to influence decisions about work practices, rules, preferred behaviors and attitudes, etc. For example, unions have done so much for organizational culture already. If it wasn 't for the unions efforts, employees wouldn 't be able to learn about the importance of safe working conditions during
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