Workflow Analysis : Amnisure Testing

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Workflow Analysis: AmniSure Testing
Amy Fields
Stevenson University

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Workflow Analysis: AmniSure Testing Workflow is a series of tasks that are conducted in a prescribed sequence. It is this progression of steps that embody a workflow or process flow (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2015). Straightforwardly, it is the actions that one goes through to get something done. Workflows often take on one of two forms. Sequential workflows are when each action is dependent on the action before it and parallel workflows are when actions occur together. Like in business, healthcare organizations have a variety of workflow processes. It is the analysis of these tasks required to execute processes that allow you a closer look for inconsistencies and address inefficiencies (Kushinka, 2011). “Observation and documentation of workflow to better understand what is happening in the current environment and how it can be altered” is workflow analysis (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2015). Workflow analysis together with process mapping and diagramming use information technology to improve patient safety and patient care. Case in point of flowcharting is a workflow analysis process map for AmniSure testing. A workflow analysis of AmniSure testing can provide a process…
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