Workforce Diversity Analysis

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The definition of “Workforce Diversity” is the related similarities and the differences among employees as they relate to their age, culture, physical abilities, disabilities whether physical or learning, race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation ("Business Dictionary," 2016).
Although this is the basic definition of “Workforce Diversity”, there are other dimensions that are included, and affect the workforce structure or make-up, and they include areas such as, length of employment, generational characteristics, and social economic status. Traditionally the workforce as it relates to the law enforcement community has primarily consisted as a white male dominated workforce. Over the last twenty-five years that demographic has changed, and there has been an increase in the overall percentages of minorities in the law enforcement field ("Diversity in Police Departments," 2016). This progression towards a more diverse workforce in law enforcement has shown a predicted increase nationwide from the currently employed
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This is also true in the law enforcement field. The initial stage regarding the creation of a diverse workforce is the recruitment, selection process, and hiring. The upper echelon of the agency needs to realize that the change in these three elements is essential in achieving the long term goal of diversity When looking at these three elements the command staff and human resources section must also not forget that the basic reason for the change is developing a strong core for the agency. They must not lose focus on the skills and factors that will make an effective law enforcement officer, just to create diversity in the agency. Remember that the definition of diversity is not only related to race, culture, and national origin (USDOJ and EEOC [USDOJ and EEOC], 01/2015, p.
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