Workforce Diversity Research Paper

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The United States of America has the highest ethnically diverse population in the world. Each ethic group brings an important part to our great country. We welcome differences and have placed laws to ensure that each and every American has an equal chance to become successful. Companies that embrace diversity have a greater chance of success. It shows the consumer that they are considered when making business choices.
Having a diverse workforce in an organization can be beneficial in training and skill development. Diversity within the workforce creates opportunities for the workforce to learn from each other.
This will give the employer the opportunity to arrange workshops on diverse training and skill development. This will be beneficial
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Once this is established this will allow the workforce to work as a cohesive team instead of having their own agenda.
Usually when a workforce is diverse there are usually some morale and communication issues which will lead to problems completing a task as a team. Having a diverse workforce will increase creativity on how to do a certain task.
Mention above individuals having different styles of learning, so this will allow individuals to display their creative minds. A second benefit of having a diverse workforce is if who your different ethnicities working for your company this will allow you to expand your business due to have employees who are fluent in different languages to help the business reach a different market that was difficult due to having a lack of diversity.
The last benefit for a company to have a diverse workforce because this will attract individuals who are looking for employment. If a workplace does not have a diverse workforce, they can lose out on individuals who can be beneficial to the company.
Diversity in the workforce can open doors for employers by allowing their workers to show their creativity, help the employer expand due to the diverse workforce can break language barriers for a company, and attract individuals who are looking for
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