Workforce Engagement At The Bunker Elementary

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Workforce Engagement
Workforce engagement is the feeling of emotional connection someone has to their workplace. An engaged employee feels satisfied and enthusiastic about their work. They feel valued, driven, and that they belong to part of a team. This is the way a school should feel for its employees. When teachers and staff of a school are engaged in fulfilling the work of the school they show higher levels of performance and thereby increase the achievement of students. Principals should know the engagement level of their staff and also any events or feelings that may impact that engagement level.
Assess Workforce Engagement
The following information was gathered from an interview with Andrea Williams, principal of Theresa Bunker Elementary. Mrs. Williams first shared the fact that this is a small school helps her stay close with the workforce and keep a close eye on the engagement level of the workforce at this school. This school only has sixteen teachers and a handful of support staff. She is able to have daily informal interaction with each member of the staff which helps her determine if anything is impacting their engagement. Because she knows each person and their family she is able to know of someone in the family is ill or if other family stress may be impacting engagement. She gets to know each person and their personalities and opinions from talking with the staff on a daily basis. She also is able to meet on a formal basis with each member of
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