Workforce Planning Recommendations for Nasa’s Human Resources Department

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Workforce Planning Recommendations for NASA’s Human Resources Department
Elizabeth Ann Muniz
Villanova University


This paper contains workforce planning recommendations for National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)’s Human Resource Department. This paper reviews NASA’s vision, their core values, workforce plan goals and key business strategies. Current workforce profiles are reported as well as demographics and key business challenges. This report also includes an overview of NASA’s organizational structure and a future workforce profile. A gap analysis of the workforce is enclosed as well as closing strategies.

Context and Environment:
In 2010, the Space Shuttle Program ended, as well as the
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Another goal is to sustain a high-performing workforce with the objective to “enable managers to sustain an environment conducive to workforce productivity, innovation and effectiveness” (2011 NASA Strategic Plan, 2011). An additional goal is to enable efficient human capital services with the objective of “effective human resources programs supported by comprehensive, timely and validated information” (2011 NASA Strategic Plan, 2011).
NASA’s organizational structure has varied. Currently, NASA has a layered pyramid top-down organizational structure for each location. Office of Management: Management Processes Branch, 1985 reports about the NASA organization:
Over the twenty-six year history of NASA, several organizational issues have consistently posed challenging management questions for the Agency’s leadership. Essentially a decentralized organization, NASA has been an Agency whose philosophy and dynamic mission have driven the need for its field centers and their project managers to be given as much freedom and autonomy as possible to perform their work. This environment has presented Agency management with difficult organizational issues of control, coordination, reporting requirements, and the manner in which information flows between the Agency’s managers. How to balance the relationships between program

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