Workforce Planning and Employment Tanglewood Case 7

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Management 364 A, Workforce Planning and Employment Case 7 Personnel selection and assessment activities are integral parts of this organizational life. Tanglewood's economic climate has seen an ever increasing level of staff turnover and personnel reorganization, and the abolition of the traditional view keeping a 'a job for life. Consequently, there is now more pressure on this organizations and HR managers to fill vacant positions quickly and with the most appropriate individuals. Decisions about hiring applicants have to be based on predictions about future work behaviors. Tanglewood needs to recruit new staff and start making promotion decisions about employees, there are various methods of assessment that are available, such as:…show more content…
In assessing the resumes from job applicants for store manager, I decided to score the documents on the basis of very specific information. I gave points according to certain qualities that the candidate may or may not possess. It was important that each item to be score was related directly to the KSAO's required for the position of store manager. There were possible 11 points given on the resume using the chart from (Tanglewood Appendix A,). DEPARTMENT MANAGER TASKS KSAOS SPECIFIC TASKS TASK DIMENSIONS IMPORTANCE (% TIME SPENT) NATURE IMPORTANCE TO TASKS (1-5 RATING) Manage the department to increase sales and ensure efficiency. Coordinate department activities with the store's policies, in consultation with assistant store manager. Implement special promotions, displays and events. A. Planning and coordination 30% Knowledge of organizational policies and practices Skill in judgment and decision making Ability to think develop original solutions within prescribed parameters 5 3 3 Analyze sales figures and forecast inventory needs for future periods Ensure quality, customer service, and health and safety standards are met for the department. Enforce safety,

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