Working And Non-Working Students

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Have you ever thought about working while attending school? It is a big option that needs a lot of careful thought. A lot of students do come upon this thought when they are going into school, whether it be high school or college. When saving for college or while in college you may need a job to help with the expenses. Some students may think it is too difficult to do both. Both of theses opinions may be true. While working students do have it pretty hard and it may be hard to handle, non- working students do share some similarities, however their differences are pronounced. One major factor of working and non working students are their grades. Most would assume that working students would have lower grades compared to non working students, this is true in some cases depending on the amount of hours a student works. If a student works more than 15-20 hours a week their grades may start to drop. It says in “how many hours they can work a week – no more than 20” However, if a student works less than 20 hours than their grades would only be affected, in most cases, in a positive manner. In most cases, students who work are having to work more than the recommended amount. For example, it says, “ Most college students are now not only employed, but also working a substantial number of hours...” ( Understanding the Working Class), On the other hand, non working students do have more time to themselves which can allow them to use more time to study and do homework. With non
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