Working As A Correctional Officer Essay

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1. If I was working as a correctional officer on my first week of work and I witnessed another CO mistreating an inmate, I would definitely tell my co-worker to stop mistreating this individual, will pull him off the inmate and call for help. I would call my supervisor and tell him what I just witnessed, an inappropriate behavior. My morality is treating people with “respect”, regardless of what had happened. It is not my job to judge anyone and nor mistreated them either. This type of illogical behavior should not be accepted at all times. Inmates are expected to act in a certain ways as well once they are incarcerated. Need to understand that if inmates are not respected, they are prepared by their culture to fight back if they are mistreated.
We all know, that corporal punishment is inhabitable, but now a days, the prison decomposes the inmate’s well-being and morality. Once the inmate is in prison, he/she loses everything, freedom, personal possessions, loses autonomy because everything it’s been controlled inside there. Inmates should be supervised at “All” times, their safety from other inmates makes the prison’s life unpredictable as well.
2. I believe that using extreme forces weakens the power position of correctional officers, and in reality the power of correctional
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If I was a prison warden, I would expect to face problems with coercive power within COs towards inmates. Sometimes the problems can occur when the officer uses extreme coercion and less interpersonal communication skills. Management problems with safety and security. I would supervise intensively in and out entrances of COs and inmates for the security and safety of every one. Also, I should expect to face administrative funds problems as well. I would have to come up with good implementation of services like health care, inmate’s education, hiring of new personal, housing, food, clothing, psychiatric care and lastly, some rehabilitation programs along with reentry programs
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