Working As A Paramedic I Have Encountered Patients Essay

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Technical Operations
Working as a paramedic I have encountered patients that required the use of my critical thinking ability, help successfully set up proper equipment for team members to successfully establish an airway, assessing, intervening and stabilizing patients, and understanding ventilator management.
Establishing an airway
Proper equipment for team members to successfully establish an airway.
This task was done by gathering necessary equipment and medication for incoming patients that were intubated prior to arriving at Vanderbilt. o Medication that was prepared
• Ketamine
• Succinylcholine
• Rocuronium (In the event that succinylcholine was contraindicated.)

o Equipment that was prepared
• Oxygen o Making sure that the oxygen tank at the head of the bed is full in the event the patient need to be transported to CT, MRI, or to assigned room on the floor.
• Strozes o Making sure that the proper strozes blades where placed in the room for the physician to use for intubation.
• Alternative Devices o OPA o NPA o LMA o King Airway o BVM o Non-rebreather o Nasal cannula o CO2 detector for Philips monitor o End-tidal Co2
Ventilator Management
Managing complex ventilator patients require critical thinking to solve problems pertaining to ventilator issues. Even though I am a certified ventilator paramedic, ventilator management is managed an respiratory therapist. Having the ventilator certification was useful in which I was able to apply my knowledge to
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