Working As A Special Education Teacher

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Walking Into another Position I was transitioned into another position at another school. I was currently working as a Special Education teacher. I had a close working relationship with the parents and staff members until a situation caused me to lose my job. One of my mentors called an IEP meeting and signed my name on the legal binding document. The parent called me requiring about the meeting while I was on sick leave. I wasn’t aware a meeting had taken place. She asked me, why would I signed this document and wasn’t present during the meeting. I told the parent that I would inquire about this situation after returning to school. I went to my mentor and told her about the parent calling me. She had this strange look on her face. I…show more content…
Sometimes they are exposed to others experiences that can be detrimental in their life. I will be sharing some of the stories reported by children in all settings of life. I was in the girl’s bathroom using it when three young ladies asked me to explore their sexuality. I was scared and embarrassed about this situation. One held me down and the other girls started touching me and making comments to me. I was crying, please stop! They told me this experience will be something you will always remember. I got up and put on my clothes and sit in the bathroom. I could gather myself to report back to the classroom. I got written up for skipping class. I had nightmare about this experience and wanted to take my life. I could tell nobody about this situation due to feeling nasty. I couldn’t share this information with my parents due to being humiliated about what happen in school. I blame myself a long time for this negative experience. The next day, I brought a knife to school to protect myself. My intentions were not to harm anybody. I just wanted to protect myself from this ever happening again. One of the girls that had assaulted me smiled at me. She said, don’t get caught in the bathroom. I walked away from her. I tried to stay away from the bathroom but I really had to go. I looked around and ran in the bathroom, hoping no one saw me. I walked in and they were waiting for me. I began to beg them to stay away from me. I pulled out the knife and
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