Working As A Stylist Teacher

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“Something just doesn’t feel right,” I speculated as I pulled off my oxfords after a long day at work, feet aching after walking around on terrazzo floors all day. The formula I was living my life by at that time didn’t seem to be working out anymore. This realization wasn’t a sudden epiphany, but rather something that had been developing over time. I was a stylist in the Via C Department at Nordstrom; I worked with designer clothing and with clients who didn’t even flinch at the astronomical price-points the store had. Working as a stylist taught me a lot about constructing personal goals and imagining unique solutions to problems without too much supervision. Though other people would kill to have this job, I felt misaligned with the direction my life was heading. I wanted to enroll in college again, eventually attain an MBA in International Business, and find a company to work for whose ethos aligned well with mine. I was done with just being a sales associate in the retail industry, who lived paycheck to paycheck. To me, a college degree symbolized job security, additional career opportunities, and would allow for increased growth professionally.
In addition to my feelings regarding my current job at the time, I also knew I needed to get back in school seeing that I have always been an academically bright youth. Growing up on Guam, a place with less opportunities than here in the states, and being a first-generation college student galvanized my need to perform well.…
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