Working As A Weekend Night Icu Manager

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Most weekend nights in the Intensive Care Unit are busy, but this particular Sunday night in July was more intense than any other. Working as a weekend night ICU manager, I do not normally care for patients one on one. I make rounds with each nurse on their patient on a nightly basis and oversee everything that is happening. I am also in charge of the staffing for my shift and the upcoming shift. On this specific night, we had one ICU bed available, but no staff on call. Every patient in the unit was a high acuity, therefore; the nurses were very busy, with no time to spare. The Emergency Department called with an admit that would be a one nurse to one patient ratio. I knew that our facility highly disliked turning patients away to…show more content…
This device is used to reduce the risk of brain trauma or death following a cardiac arrest. Cooling the patient to a hypothermia state has a better chance for survival than doing nothing at all. The only problem was Arctic Sun was brand new to our hospital. We just had training a month ago, but it hadn 't been used yet. I am not normally a nervous person, but inside I was shaking. I could feel the beads of sweat rolling off of my face. I grabbed all of my notes from the class I had taken a month before to refresh my memory. I was worried that I had forgot every bit of information because it was hard to know something if I 've never done it. After looking through the notes that I had, I started to remember the information and begin to set up the patient 's room. I put everything in place and grabbed extra supplies that I would need throughout the night since this patient was an intense one on one ratio. Last but not least, I called our Arctic Sun resource nurse to inform her I had a patient being placed on Arctic Sun, and none of our nurses had done this before, and I may be calling her with questions. As the staff brought the patient through the Intensive Care doors, I was told the wife was in the waiting room. Suddenly, a feeling of self worth rushed through me. Here I was, caring for this young male patient who just lost his life twice, and I have the privilege to be his nurse. I had
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