Working As An Intern Caring For Patients With Cancer On The Adjunctive Cancer Care

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Reflection Assignment Working as an intern caring for patients with cancer on the Adjunctive Cancer Care (ACC) shift at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic (RSNC) for this past year has been a great learning experience. Although it had its own unique set of challenges, it has been a real privilege to be a trusted part of the patients care experience. With the privilege of being a part of patient’s health care teams, there were many challenging aspects working with terminally ill patients. I initially found it hard to fully commit to the therapeutic relationship; I wanted to maintain some form of internal boundary to protect myself emotionally. I found as time when on, I was more willing to open up and exposure my emotional vulnerability in order to fully meet their needs and be there for the patient. It is a delicate balance trying to be there fully for your patient, care for them to the fullest extent, as well as attempting to protect my own emotions and feelings. There is a give and take to this balance, and it evolved as the relationship with the patient evolved and my ease in the role of an intern matured. I have patients who are as close as a friend now, after a year of working together. I am sad to be ending our therapeutic relationship due to the end of my internship, I am also sad that I won’t be having contact these patients anymore, or being kept up to date with their health. It is a strange finality to our working relationship; I am not yet sure how it will

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