Working As An Intern For Placer Times

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Working as an intern for Placer Times, a major newspaper company in Addis Ababa, Africa, I am here to have my voice heard. I grew up in a big city where no one had a car. We either walked, took trams, or subways. At age 16, I got my first job two blocks from my house writing magazine articles. Ever since then, I have been interning at big news paper companies in big cities all around the world. I have traveled to many cities, reporting local news and thus never really got a chance to settle down. I am currently 24 years old and living in a three-bedroom apartment with two other women in the heart of Addis Ababa, Africa. Much like San Francisco, this city is over-crowded, contains too many tourists, and its beautiful views are being…show more content…
The man had no ID on him, so the officers could not identify who he was. The body of this man was never clamed. He was named “Victim 001.” 001 represented the “unknown” future victims that might come from other autonomous car accidents. Although these autonomous cars can drive themselves, the occupant still has the responsibility to press the emergency break when necessary. Chris Rodriquez, the occupant of the car in this instance, had just gotten his masters from UCLA and was about to pitch his first business deal at his dad’s law firm. Living under his dad’s expectations, he knew there was no way to ease the man without having a couple of drinks beforehand. In this case, having a couple of drinks impaired the twenty-eight-year-old male occupant’s judgment, making him unable to press the emergency break. Therefore, the death of the pedestrian was the occupant’s fault. Mercedes Bens company has been working on making the perfect autonomous car for the past 13 years. Working to make sure every little detail was detailed to perfection; Stopping when necessary, making sure the speed was accurate, and installing emergency breaks to make sure the cars would not get out of control, were Mercedes goals. There are only a couple hundred of theses two door cars with windows tinted as deep as the ocean, its engine as loud as thunder, with the exhaust puffing white smoke. Although Mercedes had perfected these cars to the best of their
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