Working At Beverly Hills Unified School District Essay

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I have over sixteen years experience working in the IT field. Working at Beverly Hills Unified has given me a unique opportunity to participate in many projects and task that have typically been performed by someone in a CTO position. I believe that this hands-on experience in the educational space makes me a suitable candidate for the program. For the past six years, I have been working as Senior System AdministratorArchitect for Beverly Hills Unified School District. Beverly Hills Unified and the community at large prides itself on visionary technology plans and I have been fortunate to be apart of this.

My writing skills have allowed me to communicate effectively with colleagues, vendors, and project stakeholders. While working at the District, I have written many technology reports, design guides, implementation guidelines and strategies, and infrastructure recommendation reports. These documents have been used to make many decisive technology decisions for the district over the years. Although not required of me, my extensive knowledge of District infrastructure has led me to present to the School Board on several occasions. My oral communication skills have allowed me to rise to the occasion to present technological ideas to district leadership. My involvement in a joint powers arrangement between the District and the City means I am one of the main points of communication between the two entities making communicating effectively crucial.

I have had opportunities
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