Working At Dr. Roy

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Working at Dr. Roy’s lab is a privilege that I was not smart enough to take advantage of. Time after time I have managed to disappoint Dr. Roy. It all started off when my cousin came to visit and I had to take a day off to do some errands with him, this happened on November 15th. When I told Dr. Roy about this, it was very last minute and he was very upset but understanding of the situation and told me not to do it again. Before Winter break, I did not ask for permission to spend the whole break at home. I booked my flight tickets before even discussing with Dr. Roy when would be an ideal time for me to come back and work at the lab. Dr. Roy was very disgruntled about this because he had already given me a warning, so this incident would make it my second warning. Between winter break and spring break there were several occasions when I had to leave the lab early to do some school related activities. Dr. Roy was very upset every time I asked to leave the lab early because lab time is precious and that would mean that what I did not finish, I would have to finish the next day. I would be wasting too much time, instead of working and progressing. To top it all off, during spring break I booked my flight AGAIN without asking Dr. Roy for permission and he made it really clear to me that it was my last chance. If I broke the lab policy again I would be kicked out of the lab. I gave my word to Dr. Roy that I would never break the lab policy ever again. During spring break I did
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