Working At Ibm As A Software Engineer

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One thing that a person realizes when they start working in a group of people is the fact that people are diverse. This can be in their way of thinking, their actions and even in the way they relate to one another. This makes the expected results to vary and become subjective in all manner of ways. This paper focuses on a clear description of the events that took place while I was working at IBM as a software engineer. This paper will focus with one of the projects; VPMI, which happened to be a very complex endeavor, not just for me, but also the team I was working with. Having been selected for the project for the sole reason of my educational background; software engineering, I was automatically made the technical leader of the group.…show more content…
On Fridays we would then meet again and establish the steps that had been taken within the week. The project manager, who we all referred to as Andy, was a modern kind of manager, who believed in delegating duties to all persons who were willing to take them, so on Friday he would ensure the meeting was casual and everyone had an opportunity of taking a stand on what they thought were the barriers to the project’s development. I believe this was a move to have constant communication within the group so that we could avoid conflict. Despite this, conflict arouse at given incidents within the project development period. As I stipulated earlier, this was a diverse group, it had all sorts of people, and for instance Alisha who was one of the member in the group was very competitive. Having attended one of the premier institutes for her undergraduate she felt she had the upper hand in some matters within the IT scope within the group. Alisha was slender, dressed elegantly at all times and exhibited all the traits that a competitive person exhibits. On one of these meetings, she had been given the role of facilitating the Friday session. As usual the team was discussing the issues that had faced the project that week. An issue was raised regarding the software to be used for one of the sub-projects and my opinion was asked on it. Alisha was not in agreement with it, however, instead of facilitating
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