Working At Ibm As A Software Engineer

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One thing that a person realizes when they start working in a group of people is the fact that people are diverse. This can be in their way of thinking, their actions and even in the way they relate to one another. This makes the expected results to vary and become subjective in all manner of ways. This paper focuses on a clear description of the events that took place while I was working at IBM as a software engineer. This paper will focus with one of the projects; VPMI, which happened to be a very complex endeavor, not just for me, but also the team I was working with.
Having been selected for the project for the sole reasons of my educational background; software engineering, I was automatically made the technical leader of the group. My other colleagues made the rest of the team. The way this group was structured was in a manner that everyone had a specific job to do, for instance, I was given the task of directing the other group members on the software to use for coding, how to do it in the simplest form and to present all the final material to the project manager after I had reviewed it. The task sounded simple when spelt out, however, it was not the case when work started. We usually had to meet occasionally for the purpose of discussing the next mile-stone for the project. This happened every Monday in the conference room, during this time we would agree on the project’s direction and the way that we would execute it. The project manager would facilitate this and we
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