Working At Marshall 's As A Freshman

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While working at Marshall’s as a freshman in college, I happened to assist a nice lady (Mrs. R) who I casually conversed with as I checked her out at the front registers. She found out that I was a CNA from our conversation and she informed me that she owned her own Homecare company. Mrs. R handed me her business card before she left and I ended up giving her a call. A few weeks later, I received a job offer from her and was scheduled for an interview. Even though I was a bit inexperienced, Mrs. R saw great potential in me and I was beyond appreciative for her judgment.
Fasting forward three years later, I am still employed with Mrs. R’s company. I have also worked for multiple Homecare companies. My duties as a CNA consists of assisting
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It also warms my heart to witness a client’s progression mentally and physically after being diagnosed with an illness. The most essential goal I have for all of my clients is to make sure they have a smile on their face before I depart from their home. I also aim to build a foundation of trust by being confidential with any personal information, if a client chooses to confide in me. With that said, I strongly believe I can be one of the best clinical mental health counselors.
My specific career goal is to transform individuals’ lives through mental health. I am going to own a mental healthcare business which allows me to be an advocate for the youth in raising their self-esteem and self-confidence. Many teenagers and children go through domestic violence, bullying, depression, anxiety and more. What they go through affects their overall self-concept when it comes to viewing themselves in a negative or positive way. I have lived through having a low self-concept of myself during my childhood because I dealt with a lot of bullying in my youth years. I have a great level of confidence in myself now because I learned that your views of yourself are key in changing your self-concept. My target area of interest is to change the negative views teenagers may have about themselves and prime them to be the best they can be no matter what they are physically or mentally going
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