Working At Oceanside Health And Wellness

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"Private Practice" is a TV show following the lives of a number of different doctors working at Oceanside Health and Wellness. Within this practice there is a Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Holistic Specialist, Pediatrician, and a number of other specialized doctors. In this essay I will be focusing on Violet, the Psychologist who puts her license and the whole practice at risk due to some unethical and unprofessional choices. This includes lack of confidentiality, unprofessional relationships with co-worker, personal issues that poorly effect her ability to treat, and writing a book telling the story of her life. One unethical practice that was seen a lot in this show was the lack of confidentiality. All the workers in the practice talked…show more content…
There were scenes where patients would be going on and on about their issues and breaking down in tears and Violet would be zoned out completely uninvolved. This is not helping the patient at all, if the therapist isn 't capable of being present during a session, she should not be treating patients. This is a waste of time and money for the patient and it could ultimately make them a lot worse. Other times, she would relate very heavily with her patients. By this, she would go on about her own experiences and how she 's been through, or is going through similar things as her patient. Sometimes Violet would get so into telling her stories she would get emotionally and cry and the therapy would no longer be directed at the patient, instead the patient would be comforting her. This is completely unprofessional and not how therapy should be done, it is good to relate and be empathetic towards patients, but to turn it onto yourself it taking it too far. Therapy should be based primarily on the patient. She participated in many risky situations that could have gotten her in a lot of trouble. For example once her license was suspended she would continue "casually" meeting patients at a park to talk. Although this was beneficial for the patients, who were in the midst of a crisis, without a license she could get into a lot of trouble providing therapy for them. She would also help children behind there parents back. If a parent
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