Working At Tacobell, The, And Leadership Styles

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Jobs I’ve Held I want to live the American Dream. I have the wife, but I also want the two children with the house that has a white picket fence. To do so, I have to work. Since entering the workforce at 16, I’ve held many jobs working in food and beverage, fast food, and investment industries. Working in these industries has provided me with opportunities to work with different managers. All of the managers I’ve worked with had different personalities and management. The purpose of this paper is to identify the management styles I encountered, the type of bosses they were, and the leadership styles they demonstrated. When I entered the workforce at 16, there weren’t many high paying jobs available for someone with absolutely no previous work experience. The only job available for me was in the fast food industry, so my first job was at TacoBell. Working at TacoBell, exposed me to my very first management style. The general manager was a small middle-aged woman named Lucy. Lucy was a very stern and straight forward. The saying” you can’t teach an old dog new trick “referred to her. District managers would come into the store to train the store over new menu items, and she would argue and openly disagree with the new changes and procedures taking place. Watching these actions on numerous occasions I realized how much of a control freak she was because she would constantly disagree and tell her boss what should be done. Then to top it off, she wasn’t kind to

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