Working At The Country Club

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During my sophomore year of high school, one of my teachers approached me and asked if I was interested in a job for the summer at the country of a local country club. While I was nervous at first, I accepted the job, and have now completed two successful summers there. The experience of having a summer job taught me many things; and as I continued to take on more and more responsibilities over the summer, I learned even more about how to be responsible at all times and to empathize with someone in order to understand their perspective and to help improve their experience. One of the many responsibilities of my job was to help prepare billing statements for the members of the country club. This taught me to be responsible at all times, as even the slightest mistake could result in a member being overcharged—or undercharged—which could lead to a number of other problems for both the member and the club.…show more content…
If a member was having a problem of any kind, I had to be able to place myself in his or her shoes, and understand that he or she was paying a lot of money to be a member, and a result they deserved to receive the best service possible. Working with customers also helped me realize that the way you conduct yourself in all settings leaves an impression upon people, which was a valuable lesson in developing my character. In conclusion, working at the country club taught me a number of things which will come in handy as I continue maturing into adulthood. Being a responsible, well-rounded person may not seem like an extraordinary accomplishment, I think the world would be a better place if more people embodied those
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