Working At The Maximum Performance Level

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As the world of business continues to change and evolve, leaders will need to continue learning and developing their skills to remain effective in their roles. Improving on skills and learning new techniques to effectively manage subordinates is a continuous process, and should be kept as a constant goal. By creating and following a leadership development program, leaders can hone in on, and continue to improve their skills in a variety of ways, including formal training programs, receiving feedback, self-help, or other developmental activities as they see fit. A manager’s goal is to work at their maximum level of performance in order to become an effective leader, and maintain that role. “Maximum performance is believed to occur when…show more content…
Once feedback is received, managers can learn to work on their skills and behaviors through partnering with a mentor or coach and working on challenging assignments. Reflecting on past experiences and learning from mistakes along the way will lead to a well balanced, effective leader with the skills and expertise to keep improving and evolving along with the organization.
Sometimes it can be difficult to envision goals for the self and organization, and some managers may choose to enroll in a personal growth program to get started. Managers should be aware of their positive behaviors and traits as well as those that may act as limitations and need improvement. Personal growth programs will also help the manager discover and maintain their values and career objectives. Developing one’s self emotionally and morally is key in becoming an empowering and effective leader. Once a manager has discovered their need for improvement, and has developed a clear vision and goal to work towards, an actionable plan can be developed.
In a personal growth program, the manager will attend a conference center, and work with a facilitator to discover important aspects about what motivates and drives them. A series of self-understanding and psychological exercises are conducted that focus on leadership skills. These types of exercises, according to Yukyl (2013), prove to be lasting as they have an emotional affect on the managers. It is
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