Working At The Reservation Desk

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You walk in your school library and see the student workers working at the reservation desk. You see them picking up a book from the shelves, scanning it, and giving it to their patron. You think working at the reservation desk is way easier than any other jobs at school such as tutoring or child caring and hope to get this position. Well, it is good if you get it, but you might want to know that this job is much heavier than what you expect. The job itself does not include only picking books and giving them to the patrons but also every other tasks in the library that can come up in the supervisor 's head: shelving books, counting people, getting books and newspapers from the book drops, cutting draft paper, and dusting the shelves. She does not want you to have spare time during your shift. Nevertheless, there are several tips corresponding to each of the major "sided" tasks that can help you turn this hard job to a "cushy" one but still be effective. 1. Ask your supervisor to let you shelve the books Whenever there are no patrons at the reservation desk, ask your supervisor for books to be re-shelved. She will be happy to let you do it if there are books available on the carts in the reservation area. Take a cart with full of books - around fifty books - on it, and do not forget to bring something that can entertain you while shelving the books: an mp3 player to listen to music or a cell phone to text with friends. This is not a must, but this is a suggestion from
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