Working Away From The Vietnam War

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Growing up with parents and relatives who lived through the Vietnam War, I have many opportunities to hear stories about their lives during that period. Most of the stories told by my parents were about how, as young children, they learned to take care of themselves while their parents were working away from home or fighting in the war. Due to some circumstances, they sometimes had to move to another town. And Facebook did not exist at the time. They had no way to stay in touch with old friends, and their only option was to make new friends each time. Many of us who grew up in a peaceful environment are used to being surrounded by the same group of people all the time. Attending a college away from home after high school may be the very first time they are separated from their friends and families. I am an example. Living on campus meant I had to be away from my family and most of my friends while adapting to a new residence, a new community, and meeting new people. From this experience, I have learned to value my background, my friends, and my family even more than I did before. It is inevitable in a new community that one will meet people with different backgrounds. I graduated from a very diverse high school, but Texas A&M University in College Station has a different kind of diversity. Students from various parts of the country and the world come here to get their education. Having spent most of my years outside of Texas, eleven of which in another country,
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