Working Class Society : A Good Experience Or A Bad Experience?

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For many people in our working class society, a job can viewed two ways: a good experience or a bad experience. At the end of the day, the man or woman coming home from that job is either satisfied with the input and output of the day, or they are not; many times, when the outcome of the day depends upon several factors of dealing with worker morale, to include: pay, benefits, treatment by fellow employees or employers and work environment. Not everyone will have the same work experience, but more times than not, a worker’s morale will go hand-in-hand with the motivation that they have; and not all workers are motivated the same way. As I have already stated, different people require different items to spark their motivation into high gear. Some of the more common influences might be higher pay and benefits, while other subtle approaches would be a longer lunch break or more office space. Here are some other ways that an employer might find beneficial to use in order to motivate an employee: 1.) Company gathering’s: Not every company has the time or resources to have a company gathering, but primarily, employers just find it hard to arrange the time for a gathering. I have found that if a company gathering (not just a meeting) is arranged at a park or other recreational area, workers and supervisors get to know one another off the clock; they also don’t have to worry about the stress of the job. Everyone can just be human-beings, rather than the common chief’s and Indians
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