Working Condition Has Changed With Development Of Internet Connection Essay

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Working condition has been changing with development of Internet connection which helps people to get out from their office and use their time and space flexibly increasing work efficiency. In addition, many IT companies which lead current industry emphasis innovation and creativity in workplace destroying barriers between work and living. Many employees take more than one project from their employers as well as on their own side. As a result, freelancing market is growing rapidly. Freelancing market has been growing 6.5% in US during 2014-15 and number of self-employed people - freelancers, contractors, and temporary employees expected to increase continuously exceeding 40% of US workforce by 2020 (Fast Company, 2015). Moreover, 80% non-freelancers said they would be willing to do work beside their primary job to make more money (Benmatthews, 2014) Freelancing market has been existed in many years ago from artists and computer programmers who contracted by sponsors to deliver the project to housewives who knit a sweater while watching their babies and bring it out to the local market. Certainly, there is a huge supply of freelancers who like to sell their ability to the market. But the problem is that they don’t know where and whom to sell, also the demand still remains as uncertainty. Introducing of Fiverr Fiverr, founded in 2009, is a global online market place connecting freelancers (sellers) and customers (buyers) with beginning at a minimum cost $5 per job
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