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1.1.1. Working hours and shift work Nurses are working under in a variety of shift work systems to be able to provide continuous care for patients. However, 24 hours workplace organizations are now very common, such as in the healthcare and industrial sectors. This requires the staff to be adapted with many various forms of shift work schedules. In terms of healthcare sector, the shift work schedules are considered shift duration which highlights two main categories of shift systems, each system provides 24 hours of care. The shift work can be three eight hours shift, or two twelve hours shift. Eight hour shifts can be divided as morning/afternoon/ and evening shifts for five days in a week. On the other hand, a twelve-hour shift is…show more content…
While another finding revealed that the nurses worked for 49 to 55 minutes extra in each shifts (ibid). Thus, there are different shift work systems that can be seen with a various healthcare organizations. 1.1.2. Fatigue and sleep Prevalence of fatigue Even though “fatigue” and “sleepiness” are two words often used similarly, they are different phenomena. Fatigue refers to mental or physical tiredness, and lack of energy caused by prolonged an intense activity (Hurd, 2007). Community based studies of fatigue demonstrate the prevalence of fatigue ranging from 10% to 45% (Lewis and Wessely, 1992). The data of NHANES indicated that female respondents were suffering from fatigue with a percentage of 20.4% which is higher than male respondents 14.3%. This finding point out to the higher risk among women than men about 1.5 times risk (Chen,1986). Nonetheless, this increased risk should be considered for female who work in the healthcare such as nurses. The evidence shows that long working hours and extended work shifts are the leading cause of fatigue among nurses that results in increase the risk of nurses and patient’s injury (Josten et al., 2003). Moreover, it reported that the consecutive shifts without having day off will result with fatigue, such as working with 12 hour shifts more

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