Working In A Small Group Analysis

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I really do not how to explain the current skill level I have when it comes to working in small groups, but I can say that I am reliable, I listen to the leader of the group if there is one, and I have also experienced to become a leader in a group. Everyone has different values and there is no perfect group, so when it comes to teamwork, I always try to be open-minded and positive even if someone contradicts my opinion because I know that all the people in my group and I have a common goal and we only want what is the best for group. I can consider my values as my strength in working in small groups. However, I can say that my weakness is having little patience, particularly for the people that does not care and does not do their work. In my opinion, I rather do the work myself than have other people in the group that are…show more content…
Ever since preschool and until today, I have always been asked by the teacher to be in a small group, with five to six people more often, and the teachers always assign us a project that we need to work on as a group. Not only inside the classroom that I have been involved in small groups, but also through my circle of friends, some of the clubs that I joined in elementary and high school, and in my family. I remembered joining a club while I was in high school that was new and there were only ten people in the club. It was unusual compared to the other clubs that I have joined, but I consider it as a small group. I also consider my family and friends as a small group because there are at least three people but no more than twelve people, and we have common goals. For instance, my friends and I usually do a study group every once in a while, and the common goal of our group is to understand what we are studying and help each other. Similarly, my family accomplish things together by helping each other and being
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