Working In Middle School

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When I was little I thought middle school was scary and hard, but thinking about that topic I’ve come across some interesting things. Including being able to stay up till 12:00 on the week, having wonderful teachers makes 7th grade fun, and for some reasons my parents care about me more than ever which is actually pretty good. Hopefully the verge to become an adult is fun and I’m already playing 18+ video games. Most of my time is spent on school which isn’t bad. Let's see I leave my house at 7:50 a.m. to 2:50 p.m. that's 7 hours and I spend 1 or more hours on homework so that’s 8 hours that's ⅓ of your day. Another ⅓ of my time is sleeping, so I have like ⅓ of the day to do what I want which is pretty. My teachers are super nice so that’s
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