Working In The Healthcare Profession Brings Us In Contact

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Working in the healthcare profession brings us in contact with a diversity of people who bring with them cultural beliefs. It is important to be aware of their perception of the world. It has been stated that: It is a challenge to provide important information about specific cultures without the appearances of stereotyping and many educational programs are focused on helping learners to understand how to communicate with individuals from other cultures or with beliefs and experiences that are different from their own. (Fetters, 2005, p. 1307) Healthcare systems educate with programs that use self-awareness and self-reflection to focus on exploring how to work with patients in a way that does not conflict with their beliefs.…show more content…
Iraqi women are very private, especially woman who observe the hijab (covering the head and the body). If the patient is female she may feel more comfortable if a caregiver announces their arrival before entering the room so that she can cover herself. A sign on the door requesting a visitor/caregiver to knock and wait for a response before entering might be helpful as well. In general, Iraqi women prefer women healthcare providers. When this is not possible, the patient should be told prior to care and asked for an alternative. Examples would be to allow a female relative or a female staff member to be present while being examined and treated by a male healthcare provider. This would not apply in life threatening situations but care must still be taken to minimize exposure. In the Iraqi culture is patriarchal, and many are multifamily households where the eldest male is dominant. Healthcare providers must be receptive to family suggestions which is important for building respect and providing effective care. Iraqis emphasize the family in treating illness and it is especially important in such situations as decisions that involve the female patients or obtaining informed consent. The Iraqi are likely to define themselves and their worth by their family and not individually. Many women may expect or prefer that the healthcare provider consult with her husband on decisions regarding her care. It is important
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