Working Long Periods Of Time

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Working many hours can take its toll on everyone. Anyone who has worked more than forty hours or more than an eight hour shift for long periods of time can attest to that. Not only can working hours affect relationships it can also affect the way employees’ brains works and functions (Armour, 2007; Virtanen et al., 2009). Working long periods of time can also increase employees’ alcohol consumption and affect their day to day lives (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), 2004; Armour, 2007; Virtanen et al., 2007). According to a 2004 study done by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), this is especially true for those who work extended shifts, more than eight hours a day (DHHS, 2004). Long working hours increase stress and change the quality of work and effects employees’ performance (Barnett & Hall, 2001; Saltzman & Webster, 2007). Though at times working four, ten-hour shifts has shown an increase in performance and job satisfaction (Facer & Wadsworth, 2010).
A part of mental health is having good standing and supportive relationships, though for those who work forty hours or more there is very little time to actually spend on their relationships. For example, there are some workers who end up choosing jobs over their honeymoons which would be negative for their newly wed relationships. There are also those who have decided to completely give up on being in a romantic relationship (Armour, 2007). These people skip dates or try and avoid them all…
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