Working Memory Gender Differences

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“Working memory (WM) is used to active temporary storage and manipulation of information within the time of a few seconds, and is an important component for many higher cognitive functions.” (Speck, Ernst, Braun, Koch, Miller and Chang, 2000) When it comes to memory, there is a short term memory as well a long term memory. The differences between the two is that the information that is stored in a short term memory are only there for a short amount of time and the information in the long term memory have been there for a long period of time. The working memory according to Speck, Ernst, Braun, Koch, Miller, and Chang is used when we are storing information in temporary storage, at the same time the brain works to manipulate the information…show more content…
According to the research done by Speck, Ernst, Braun, Koch, Miller, and Chang, there are differences between the male and female brains in regards to hemisphere activation when the brain is storing and manipulating specific information over a short period of time. It was found that these differences in the hemisphere activation influenced the time and accuracy performances of males and females. As found by Hill, Laird, and Robinson, gender differences are shown in the two different types of working memory: spatial and verbal. The gender differences were evident in the brains of the participants. Different areas of the brain were activated, which demonstrated that males and females favor different types of working memory. This research helped us understand that females are more advanced in verbal working memory and men favor spatial working memory. Bridge also discovered gender differences with memory and cognition being that women were more successful than men with recollection. Additionally, Bridge concluded that social and biological factors may potentially be influential to these
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