Working Mom vs Stay at Home Mom

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Topic: My Career Goal as a Home Maker/Stay at Home Mom Question: Can being a Home Maker be viewed as a career? Central Idea: A home maker plays a vital role in the family setting and in society. There are Choices to be made when you become a Parent. Just like almost all newly married couples. You have goals of what’s next in your lives together. Finish college and then get that perfect well paying job. Well that is exactly what I had in mind. Wow, what would happen next would be life changing. We added a little baby boy to our family. I remember telling my boss, “I promise I’m not going to quit my job”. The day I gave birth and I saw that precious baby; I knew I could not leave him to go back to work. How could we make…show more content…
One of my most enjoyable roles that I have in this phase of my stay at home career is my farm. I have started a business, I work on the farm while my kids are at school and during the summer, I am able to work directly with my children and husband in our cattle and hay operation. This for me would not be possible if I had an outside job. Now that my children are older 19 and 15 it is rewarding to see the work ethics that have been instilled in them. Many stay at home moms launch at home business. Even though they may work within the home they are still flexible to take care of family needs as they arise. Plus it builds the stay at home mom self esteem. In conclusion, the choice is up to the individual person. It may be right for some and not for others. I do feel that a stay at home mom can be considered a career. I may not receive payment for the jobs that I do but the greatest payment or blessing in this case is the investment that I have made to my children and the respect that I have from my husband and two boys for the choice that was
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