Working Mother Vs. Stay-At-Home Mother

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Americans have now become less likely to marry. Contrary to what people believe, marriage is not declining because of individuals giving up on marriage. According to Professor David Popenoe, a sociology professor at Rutgers University, and Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, a lecturer on the well-being of families, part of this is the fact that couples are now making the choice of unmarried cohabitation. However, there has been a common belief amongst researchers that although less people have been getting married, those who do plan to do so end up having marriages of higher quality. Good marriages often lead to the start of families and therefore, women must make the difficult choice of entering the work force or caring for the young in their…show more content…
In fact, according to Stone and Lovejoy, most working mothers exhibit guilt about somewhat neglecting their child. Although negative effects can exist in the child, positive ones are also present. Such effects could include: spending longer hours in school settings, and more likely to participate in organized activities such as sports or dance classes (Nomaguchi 1343). This has been proven to be beneficial to the child as they are able to socially interact with other peers as well as being less hyperactive (NICHD 1998). Communication skills will continue to develop as the child continuously interacts with other children, bringing a healthier mindset for him or her. A mother who stays at home is likely to have a very strong bond with her children (Stone and Lovejoy 72). One could only imagine how friendly and happy a child can be based off a mother-child bond. Because of this strong bond, a mother is often viewed as more sensible towards her children (Nomaguchi 1344). Quality time with children along with love and affection improves the child’s lifestyle in such a way where he or she grows up with a more positive attitude towards life and the people around them. On another note, a mother has to be careful on giving in to the child too much. A mother who constantly gives a child what they want and never learns to say “no”, could at the same time be unhealthy for the child.
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