Working Mothers Face A Whirlwind Of Responsibilities

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Introduction Working mothers face a whirlwind of responsibilities. The working mother struggles between both her family obligations along with her work obligations creating a constant clash between which obligations are considered more important. A healthy balance between both spheres is hard to develop without the help or give of the other. Work-life balance or work-family culture, as defined by Chang, Chin and Ye is the, “shared values and assumptions regarding the extent to which a company supports the integration of employees’ work and family lives” (2014). Work-life balance and work-family culture are interchangeably used to demonstrate the same desired affect of balancing both demanding obligations. Various studies have been…show more content…
Work family conflict or conflict due to work interfering with family is said to occur whenever work responsibilities interfere with family demands (Fiksenbaum 2014). With the demands of the world today, it is causing more of a blur between work time and family time. It is easier than ever for bosses to communicate with their employees about work business after the employee has already left the building, creating a constant conflict between family and work. Working mothers struggle between the high demands of work as well as their family obligations and too few employers are taking notice. Women will often decide to quit their jobs and become stay at home mothers because they feel they are falling behind on their home responsibilities or they are burned out from trying to balance both of their obligations. However, in order for employers to keep their high preforming employees several have decided to investigate and create programs; through the use of job design and job analysis, coupled with the help from their human resource personnel on how to create programs in order retain top talent. Historically, employers would not even bother with such initiatives but they are finding with retaining and keeping their top employees productivity continues to grow. Literature Review Work-life balance is a continual struggle among
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