Working Of Modern Americ A Nation 's Political And Economic Systems Essay

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Working in Modern America As a human being we find ourselves engaging in purposive activity in order to survive, this is our motivation to work. Since the beginning of this nation American citizens, have labored for a better living and better society, how does this dream come to fruition? Our nation 's political and economic systems have allowed citizens to pursue their own ambitions. Today the average American continues to strive for a better career, education and way of life. As a country these are the people that push our nation forward in a globally competitive environment. This ‘dream’ has become a movement towards the greater size and diversification that we see in many of the top grossing industries today. Currently most industries products focus on a service and/or knowledge based market. According to ( some of the top grossing industries are legal services, oil and gas, accounting, medical occupations, mining. These industries have led to some favorable and discouraging outcomes over time within our modern and global economy. Not only do these particular industries have an effect on the economy but also on societal infrastructure. These outcomes have affected and taken place in my own career path. We all strive for the ‘American Dream’, but do we truly understand the meaning. Thomas Jefferson once said, “It is neither wealth nor splendor; but tranquility and occupation which give you happiness.” It is your occupation that gives you a sense of pride and

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